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Maria Sara Di Maggio

Surface Pattern Designer based in Utrecht, The Netherlands

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I am a self taught surface pattern designer with a passion for floral and wild plants designs.

My patterns are inspired by natural elements and everyday objects, which I like to arrange in harmonic and organic ways in beautiful patterns with an island vibe.

My process involves sketching with pencils or ink pens on my notebook as much as I can. Often this happens on my 35 minutes train commute from work, as I find this a peaceful moment on the way back home!

I will then gather all the sketches and bring everything to my laptop to re-trace them and digitise the scans on software's like illustrator. Here it's where the magic happens and all the rough drawings become organic pattern designs.


I like to work with partner shops (Print on demand ), which allow me to bring the designs to life on a wide range of products.

The modern home decor and fun accessories I develop aim to create spaces with a fun and dynamic atmosphere, which can provide moments of relax and joy to our busy and rushed lives.

If you are interested in my work, or you would like to have a chat on a customised design, don't hesitate to drop me  a message!

For weekly updates on my work in progress designs, new sketches and product releases you can find me on Instagram as well @Mariasara_patterndesigns.

Have a creative day!

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Utrecht, Netherlands

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