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The 2023 Post modern calendar is designed to bring together unique gorgeous architectural projects from the master architects of the 20th century. All the buildings featured in the calendar are 're-geolocalised' in new imaginary settings around the world, from tropical location to mediterranean islands and mountainy landscapes. 


The paintings are in gouache and then digitised. The works selected include masterpieces from architects like Barragan, Le Corbusier, Lina Bo Bardi, Aldo Rossi and many more.



- A3 size

- Red label paper

- Weight 350 gsm

- Giglee' printing quality

- Full colour

- Binding rings

- Shipping worldwide 


This calendar is produced in collaboration with our partner Printerette  Printing lab in Utrecht.

Postmodern architecture Calendar 2023

SKU: 00Calendar 1
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